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It’s all Google’s fault…

I used to mirror my website to GitHub Pages, but Google really, really doesn’t like that. My website can still be found at my website or in jekyll form in my fork of Left. Here, instead, is a list of my programming and other projects. Several have moved from BitBucket recently due to their deletion of all Mercurial repositories.


  • CardPen, a CodePen-like card generator for board game creators in (im)pure JavaScript
  • The 504 Almanac, a board game experiment using React
  • Magnate Roller, a virtual set of dice and interactive rules for Magnate using Vue.js
  • Myrmex, a pure JavaScript solitaire game for the Decktet
  • Cascades, a solitaire game for the Decktet using Mithril.js
  • Adaman, my improvements on an existing pure JavaScript solitaire game for the Decktet
  • Kingdom Builder Randomizer, an adopted random setup tool for the board game
  • BGG Sorters use client-side XSLT to interact with the BoardGameGeek XML API to sort games (no archive; view the source).

Writing Tools

  • DotGraph, a gamebook grapher I wrote to go with Scree, my Scrivener template for writing gamebooks
  • Paloma, a Twine 2 gamebook story format I wrote to replace the late, lamented Jonah Twine 1 story format
  • Family Tree Generator, fantasy family population
  • SFFMS, my old LaTeX manuscript class for writing science fiction

  • Paste, a pastebin-style app formerly for, now for
  • Market Bucket, my shopping list app (now for, is in a private repository but you can view the source code since it’s all client-side and uncompressed
  • Crick Ticker, stream marker management for