JavaScript implementation of the Spider-like Decktet solitaire game

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This is a JavaScript implementation of Myrmex, a solitaire game for the Decktet card system. The Decktet was created by P.D. Magnus and released under a CC license. Myrmex was created by Greg James; all of his variants are supported.

The JavaScript implementation is partly based on an implementation of Adaman by Felbrigg Herriot, who released it under a Creative Commons Attribution NonCommercial ShareAlike 3.0 License. Myrmex can be played in any browser (desktop or mobile), and will continue to work offline.

Games are automatically saved and restored; to start a new game press the New button. To restart the same game without shuffling, press the Replay button.


Myrmex is a Decktet version of Spider, which I wanted to be able to play even when there isn’t room to spread out my double Decktet deck.

Additional Features

Full rules are available under “Rules.” Besides variants, save, restore, undo and replay (mentioned above), the following features can be set or changed in the settings:

  • Enlarge the cards for tiny screens.
  • “Black Moons” make Moons easier to distinguish from Knots.
  • An anti-snooker setting shows you which courts and pawns you’ve already put into chambers.


Undo only undoes one move. (Undoing again will re-do.) Undo will not undo a deal, but killing the tab/window and reopening it may undo a deal.