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Although you are heir to the throne, the monarch might live a very long time. Your plan to speed things along will only work if the major personalities in the kingdom back your play. You need to use your resources to buy, trick or eliminate anyone who might stand in your way, whether they're in the capital or the Palace!

How to Play

Click on one or more of the cards in the bottom row (Resources) and on one card from the top two rows (the Palace and the Capital) to "control" it. The total value of the selected resources must equal or exceed the value of the card you want to control, and at least one of the suits must match. (The unnumbered, single-suited cards are Crowns, which have a crown and count as 10, and Aces, which count as 1. If you add the triple-suited Pawns and Courts, they also have a value of 10.)

"Personality" cards (the Decktet face cards) have a shadow to help you spot them. When you control a Personality, the card is discarded and you score points equal to its value. When you control a non-personality card, it is moved to your resources. The resources you used to control a card are discarded.

All holes in the Capital and Resource rows are filled in from the deck, but Personalities cannot be Resources; they go into the Palace row instead. Don't let more than 5 Personalities collect in the Palace, or together they will defeat you. (This can also happen on your initial deal; that's politics for you.) You also lose if you run out of moves before eliminating all eleven (or more) Personalities.

You can switch to an easier or some harder variants in the Settings (click the gear icon). The rules are also available as a PDF and in more detail in the Decktet Wiki. For advice, see the Adaman strategy forum at BoardGameGeek.

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The card animation is helpful, but can be slow on mobile. Set the speed to 0 to turn off animation, or increase it to slow the cards down.


Normal card size shows the full card, but it can be hard to make out the suits this way. Press the Enlarge button at any time to zoom in to just the upper left corners of the cards, or the Normal button to unzoom.

Black Moons

For added legibility, a black sky background has been added to the moon suit. Uncheck this option to use the unadulterated artwork in your next game.


Your next game can be made easier by the addition of the four Pawns and four Courts (at a value of 10 each). It can be made harder with the addition of only the Pawn and Court personalities. "Hard" adds one personality, "Harder" adds 2, and "Hardest" adds all 3 extra personalities.



The Decktet Card system was created by P.D. Magnus. The card images and card backs shown here are released under a Creative Commons License by P.D. Magnus. The optional black moons are a cosmetic change by M.C. DeMarco to increase legibility on small screens. The handwriting font is Fortune Letters, also by P.D. Magnus.

Please visit the Decktet web site to find out about all of the great games you can play with the Decktet.

This game, ADAMAN, was designed by P.D. Magnus, inspired by James Kyle's portraits.

This implementation of ADAMAN was remixed by M.C. DeMarco from the electronic web version by Felbrigg Herriot, and is released under a Creative Commons Attribution NonCommercial ShareAlike 3.0 License. Both versions of the code are available at Github. More Decktet solitaire games are available at

The background texture is "Skulls" by Adam, from Subtle Patterns.